Stand-Up Comedy Classes & Writing

Michael came to our office and lead a 8-week stand-up writing class for some members of our creative department. He did an amazing job and 100% of participants found it to be extremely valuable and would recommend it to others. Some of the feedback we got was, “I can think everyone CAN and SHOULD try stand-up!” and “This was the best class “Ive ever taken and I wish I could do it all over again!” We look forward to bringing Michael back to teach another class here in the new year!
— Annie Mygind Creative Services Director Energy BBDO
I loved Michael Alexander’s class. Not only did it teach me joke structure, creative thought, and public speaking, but it’s fun and rewarding to feel capable of doing something that you were unsure you could do.
— Amy Ashley Allan-former student The Chicago Portfolio School
The skills I honed in Michael’s stand-up class has translated positively in to client pitch meetings, sales calls, and my water cooler talk reputation. Prior to his class people would laugh at me. Now, they laugh with me.
— Patrick McLean-former student at The Chicago Portfolio School.
I can’t say enough good things about Michael, but let’s give it a shot. He’s one of the best writer/performers I’ve ever worked with, or hired. I’m a comedy writer in Los Angeles and when the well is dry here I can always call on Michael for a fresh set of really good jokes, and bits. He takes are always original, smart, and drop-dead funny. he’s consistently good and never let’s me down.
— A.J Lentini-Wise Brothers Media
Michael, you’re contributions were greatly appreciated. We had a small staff and you really helped us out.
— Chris McGuire-Head writer for The Arsenio Hall Show
“When I first met Michael Alexander in 1988 I was a newbie comic and though he was only a veteran of a couple of years more then me he already wrote jokes in the style to which I still aspire: funny as hell, true but impossible to anticipate, short and to the point. I couldn’t even write this quote about Michael being a great joke writer in the time he could tell you three great jokes.”
Chuck Sklar
Writer for the Late Show with James Corden, The Chris Rock Show, and Late Night with Conan O’Brien.
“Michael as a writer can find the funny in almost any situation. Not only funny but thought provoking”.
Comedian Kevin Bozeman
Last Comic Standing
“Michael Alexander has a voracious thirst for politics and pop culture and cranks out loads of comedic material about it at a breakneck pace”.
Dwayne Kennedy
Writer for Totally Biased with W. Kamua Bell, and The Arsenio Hall Show