In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, vaudeville artists spent hours cultivating their act from stage to stage, whether they were paid or not, all for the love of a good laugh. That craft migrated from music halls to nightclubs and evolved into what we now call stand-up comedy.

In the 1980’s, a stand-up comedy “boom” spread across the United States with Chicago being a major player that produced some of the country’s most notable comedic talent. Chicago is still a comedy super-city, with an incredible professional circuit and the most amazing open mic scene in the country.

This documentary specifically aims to highlight the time before the boom to the present of stand-up comedy in Chicago. Our feature length film will entice the viewer with compelling content that educates, inspires and amuses by showcasing those that "made it" and taking a behind-the-scenes look at present "rising stars.” Never before has a documentary been produced that highlights the time just before Chicago's boom era to the present day until now!


Laugh Till You're Winded Sizzle Reel


outtakes and behind the scenes