Stand-up comedy classes

Corporate and private coaching by Michael Alexander. 

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Stand-up classes 

Corporations and education clients hire us to teach:

  • Effective joke-writing techniques
  • How to workshop material
  • Bring humor into their day-to-day lives
  • Garner confidence and hone public speaking skills

Our stand-up classes are designed to inspire students to:

  • Overcome social anxiety and fear of public speaking
  • Move beyond comfort zones and develop performance skills
  • Analysis of proper joke structure to hone writing skills that create powerful messaging with few words
  • Develop personal style with unique points-of-view

Corporate classes

Performance anxiety is very real, and it can affect even highly successful entrepreneurs. Whether making a presentation to potential investors, or just explaining your goals to employees, being comfortable in front of a crowd and on your toes is an essential life skill. It is also a baseline requirement for succeeding in sales.

Stand-up comedy teaches you to focus on all the signals your audience is giving you, both verbal and nonverbal. It makes you acutely aware of body language, which is vital know-how in the business world, and helps you deliver your business presentation with confidence. Stand-up comedy classes can be an excellent alternative to traditional sales training.


This course includes instruction on:

  • Joke writing
  • Tagging jokes, as well as setting up callbacks
  • Act outs
  • Curing stage fright
  • Maximizing laughs
  • Finding your point-of-view
  • Putting together a routine
  • Adding humor to business presentations and increasing confidence
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